Let Artificial Intelligence do the trading.

Let Artificial Intelligence work for you. Our cutting-edge trading bot, powered by AI and Martingale strategies connects to your account in minutes. Start using AI to help you with trading.

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How does our bot work?

Our EA (forex trading bot) uses AI to predict the correct trend and the Martingale effect to turn losses into profits. 

The Martingale effect is known to be one of the most profitable strategies ever. Combined with AI, the EA is able to achieve between 15- and 30% profits per month. Click the button below to view today's results 

Simple but STRONG passive income source

To work with this bot, you don't need any experience in trading. We will personally show you how to set it up in a few simple instruction steps. 

And the great thing is? Access to this EA is completely FREE. Quickly press the button below to see today's current results.

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Patrick B.  

Member since April 2024

I am amazed at the results. I have been a member for 2 months now and the EA has already made 51% profit for me. I hardly believe it. I would love for this to continue in the coming months!

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Jonas S. 

Member since June 2024

The EA made a 17% profit for me this past week. This is the perfect passive income source for me that I have been looking for for a long time. Jori from the help desk is also very helpful!

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Claudia D. 

Member since May 2024

No bad words for the company. How they handle everything is very professional and many others can learn from them. The product they offer is one of a kind. I have never seen anything like it. Very grateful to have discovered you.

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Paul D. 

Member since April 2024

$300 profit for me last month. I started with $1450 so that amounts to a great profit!

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John C.

Member since december 2023

I have been a member for a long time and at first I was very skeptical about the promises made by TrippaTrading. But I can assure you that these results are real. I still enjoy this wonderful passive income every day thank you TrippaTrading team!

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Maartje A. 

Member since May 2024

The help desk is very quick with answers. I always really like that. Jori personally helped me install the EA on my account. I look forward to the results to come!


How does the Martingale effect work?

With Martingale, you increase the investment size when a position is not moving in the desired direction. The aim of this is to win back the loss and make a profit even earlier than the original take profit target.

Is your EA really unique?

Yes. The way our EA acts has never been shown before at the time we released it. The Martingale effect has been used for years, and AI is still fairly new. But these two methods together is brand new. 

Why are you offering this for free? 

We offer this for free because we have a number of collaborations with leading forex brokers. Because you trade on one of these brokers with our EA, the brokers make extra money through trading commissions. Because these brokers know that we bring valuable clients who trade a lot, they pay us for your sign up. Because of this, we do not have to charge you any money.

Are the trading commissions more expensive through you? 

Every broker on the financial market charges trading commissions. These are the normal fees that each user pays. These trading commissions do not increase because you sign up with us. The commissions are the same as when you sign up directly with the broker without an intermediary.

Are there any hidden costs?

No there are no hidden costs.

Am I committed to anything?

No. If you sign up for our bot you are under no obligation to anything. You can quit at any time and cash out your money or winnings from the broker.

Do you have access to my money?

No. You link our EA to your own account that you create on a broker of your choice (that we partner with). We never have access to your account or the money in any way.

How much money should I start with?

The EA works from an amount starting at $400. However, because we use the Martingale effect, it is highly advisable to start with at least $1000. This gives the EA enough slack to open multiple follow-up rdoers.

How much money can I make?

Based on backtesting and reallive results from our users, we can say the following: (NOTE; past performance does not guarantee future results) 

With a starting amount of $400 you can earn approximately between $2 - $12 per day.

With a starting amount of $1000 you can earn approximately between $5 - $30 per day.

With a starting amount of $5000 you can earn approximately between $25 - $150 per day. 

Does the EA have only one fixed setting?

No. After you sign up, you will receive 3 different settings. 1 for very minimal risk, 1 for normal risk and 1 for agerresive risk.

Can I use the EA on multiple accounts?

You cannot use the EA on multiple accounts within 1 broker. However, you can add the EA on another broker so that, for example, you trade on 1 broker with minimum risk and on the other broker with normal risk.

Can I use the EA on a funded account?

You can use the EA on a funded account. However, this is a different service we offer and requires a different registration. Please contact us on Telegram for this.

Trippatrading is not a financial advisor. Trading in the financial market always involves risk. TrippaTrading never promises that you will make a profit. Money can be lost.