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Join the best crypto buying and selling signals in the world for FREE. Get daily insight into the best opportunities and trade along at a professional level.

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Trade Along With TrippaTrading

In TrippaTrading's free Telegram group, you get daily insight into most potential buying and selling opportunities in the crypto market. As soon as there is a buying or selling opportunity you will easily receive an alert containing the exact buying price, selling price and stop loss price. Take your success to the next level and join our group for free.

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Buy And Sell Signals

Using the latest trading programs and features, we monitor all price movements on a day. When there is a positive hit in our system we open a buy or sell position using a proven scalping strategy on the 1 or 5 minute timeframe. Generate the same profits as me.

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Exclusive telegram group

As a free TrippaTrading member, you get access to an exclusive Telegram group in which you can see the exact buy and sell positions I make daily.

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Integration with Cornix

You can link your own trading account through the Cornix platform to automatically follow my buy and sell signals 24/7. Never miss an important moment in the crypto market and trade with me anywhere in the world.

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About TrippaTrading

My name is Jori Bankras. I am the analyst at TrippaTrading. I have been actively day trading since 2015 and I enjoy sharing my buying and selling insights daily with all VIP members. TrippaTrading is active in several countries. We can do this because we work with translating videos and texts. Currently, TrippaTrading has more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. I myself am from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) but I regularly fly around the world where I enjoy working in freedom. I am 27 years old and I live off my profits from trading cryptocurrencies and Forex. You can follow me on social media if you want to know more about me.

100K YouTube Subs

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What are Trading Signals?

Trading signals are created by experienced financial traders. A trading signal is usually a notification that indicates the best asset to buy or sell and at what price. In addition, it often indicates the price at which you can close a particular asset at a profit or loss to avoid further losses. With trading signals, novice traders can easily take advantage of large movements in the financial market without needing in-depth experience. This is the same with TrippaTrading's trading signals. As a novice or experienced trader, you can benefit from the knowledge we have gained over the years. You can trade side by side with the exact trades we execute. This way, you trade on a professional level without having to invest the same time and experience as we do.

Currently, TrippaTrading offers trading signals on the crypto market and forex market. We do not trade stocks.

Free Access, Free Trial

Trading with TrippaTrading is completely free of charge. All our services are free, even our 24/7 trading support. After you sign up for our exclusive signals group you will receive clear documentation explaining how to trade exactly the same way we do. It doesn't cost you any money to sign up and if you want to quit it's no problem. We understand that you may want to see more results before joining the VIP group. So join our public Telegram group first so you can see our results daily. The results speak for themselves.

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What our Members Are Saying

"I am very satisfied with the trading signals I receive from TrippaTrading. Since using their service, I have seen my profits increase significantly. The signals are clear and easy to follow, and I have already made several successful trades with them. The customer service is also excellent. They respond quickly to my questions and offer expert advice. I highly recommend TrippaTrading to anyone serious about trading"

Mike M.

member since August 2022

"The trading signals I receive from TrippaTrading are top quality. I appreciate the accuracy and consistency of their recommendations. Thanks to their signals, I have significantly improved my profitability and am more confident in my trading decisions. The team behind this company clearly has in-depth knowledge of the markets and they always deliver on time. I am happy to be working with TrippaTrading and recommend it to anyone looking to make serious profits from trading."

Peter J.

member since June 2023

"I can't say enough good things about TrippaTrading and their trading signals. It has truly been a gamechanger for my trading business. The signals are accurate and reliable, and I have been able to make several profitable trades with them. What I especially appreciate is that they not only provide signals, but also offer solid analysis and context so that I can better understand why certain trading opportunities arise. TrippaTrading has taken my trading experience to the next level, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to achieve serious success in the trading world."

Alexander B.

member since January 2023

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