Welcome to TrippaTrading VIP. You may still be stuck with many questions about my VIP. How exactly does it work? And how can I trade on ByBit with the notifications you send? To help you get started I have prepared this document for you explaining the most important things. Of course, I'm here for you if you have any questions. You can send me a message 24/7 on Telegram. I usually respond within 1 hour. Contact me on Telegram: @signalsmod

What questions do i answer in this document?
- How does Bybit work?
- How do I get money on Bybit?
- How do I trade on Bybit?
- How do I open a buy or sell position on Bybit?
- How can I use Cornix?

How does ByBit work? 

Bybit is in the top 3 largest cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. It is a platform on which you can trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. As I say, it is a platform on which you can trade. So Bybit is made for daytraders and other people who want to actively trade cryptocurrencies. On Bybit, you can do this through derivatives. The great thing about derivatives is that you can sell a cryptocurrency even though you don't own it at all. So this way you can profit from a rising market as well as a falling market. This is because you are trading in USDT.

And when you trade in derivatives, you can also use leverage. Leverage is a tool you can use to trade with more money than you actually have available in your account, without the risk of losing more money than you have available in your account. That sounds crazy, doesn't it? But it isn't. 99% of all cryptocurrency traders use leverage. Let me give you an example: suppose you have $1000 in your Bybit account and you use 10X leverage. Then this means that your $1000 becomes worth ten times as much - $10,000. Now suppose you buy Bitcoin and it goes up 1%, then you don't have 1% profit of the $1000 but 1% profit of that $10,000. And that's $100. But if the market now drops 1% then you also lose $100. You should actually think of it this way: if you use 10X leverage then your buy or sell position moves 10 times faster in profit or loss.

You can even use up to 100X leverage on Bybit. But that is not responsible because you can lose money quickly. I always use up to 20X leverage on my buy and sell tips. You have to remember that this means you can never lose more than your own money. Because suppose you lose that $1000 of your own money in your account and you still have a buy or sell position open, it will be closed automatically, so you can never lose more money than your own money. Many people find it risky to trade with leverage. But if you understand how it works, it is actually an excellent tool for making profits faster with cryptocurrency. Of course, you should always trade wisely and not gamble to make a profit. Always trade with a good and reliable strategy. Of course, I trade with a reliable strategy that you can copy. If you have any questions about the way I trade you can always contact me.

How do i get money on ByBit?

Bybit is an international exchange. That means you can deposit money in many different ways. If you want to deposit money on Bybit go on the homepage to ́Buy crypto ́ at the top left. Then you choose ́One Click Buy ́. You can also choose to make a bank transfer. If
you want to do this then you have to choose Fiat deposit. 

bybit buy crypto

You will then be taken to the crypto buying page (see next picture). Here you can choose how much EUR (or another currency such as the USD) you want to deposit in exchange for USDT. Always choose that you want to receive USDT since we trade in that. Under payment options you can choose how you want to deposit money. You can also choose SEPA, Google Pay and a number of other payment providers.

When you want to make a payment for the first time you should verify your identity. This might take a bit longer the first time, so keep that in mind. When the payment is done you will receive the purchased USDT in your wallet on ByBit.

If you already have USDT in another place (on another exchange, for example) you can also send it to Bybit. You can do this by copying and pasting your USDT address in the place from which you want to send the USDT. See below how to find your ByBit USDT address: From the home page, go to ́assets ́ and then press ́spot ́

bybit deposit crypto

Next, you will be taken to your wallet. Now search for USDT and click on  deposit ́ (see next picture)

bybit depsosit crypto 2

Here you can now choose the network under ́chain type ́. The most commonly used network is ERC20. In principle it does not matter through which network you send it, but it is very important that you choose the same network where you send the USDT from! Then you can copy and paste the address where you send it from.

bybit deposit crypto 3

If you have any questions contact our Telegram support @signalsmod

How do i trade on ByBit?

If all went well, you have now received USDT in your ByBit account. Now, of course, you need to know how to trade with it. It may initially be perceived as difficult to trade on a professional crypto exchange like ByBit. But you will soon understand. First, we want to send the USDT we now have on our wallet in ByBit to the derivatives trading account within ByBit. Do this in the following way: At USDT within your wallet on ByBit, press ́transfer ́.

Now choose to send the USDT from your Spot wallet to ́derivatives ́ (see next picture). Then choose how much USDT you want to send and then click ́confirm ́.

how do i trade on bybit confirm

You can now find the USDT within your derivatives wallet. Should you eventually want to send the USDT back to your normal Spot Wallet, do exactly the same thing only now choose to send the USDT from your derivatives wallet to your spot wallet.

How do i open a buy or sell position on ByBit?

Now that you have sent the USDT to your derivatives wallet you are ready to trade. We do this through the derivatives trading page. Go back to the home page and press derivatives
at the top of the menu. Next, choose USDT PERPETUAL. And then you can choose which cryptocurrency you want to trade in. Choose one, for example Bitcoin. You can still easily switch currencies within this trading page. Please read on to discover how to open a position on ByBit.

Once you are on the derivatives trading page, it is important that you trade in the correct currency. In the VIP group I always send clear which currency I am trading in. You can choose the currency by looking at 1. There you can fill in which currency you want to trade.

At 2, you can adjust the leverage. I personally always trade with a leverage of 20 times. But if you want to trade with more or less leverage, that is of course possible. Especially if you want to trade with a small amount, it is wiser to set the leverage higher in order to
make better profits. If you want to trade with a larger capital you can keep the leverage a bit lower.

3. It is always important to trade with a market order. So always click on market order. A market order means that you buy or sell a position directly. We never trade with a limit order.

At 4, you can decide how much money you want to invest. Suppose you have 200$ in your account and you choose 10%, you invest 20$. Eventually the leverage will make that 20$ worth twenty times as much, so 400$.
Look at the next picture.

It is important to enter the stop loss price and take profit price immediately when opening a buy or sell position. You do this so that you only have to open the position once and don't have to look back any further. The position will then automatically close in profit or

At 5 you can fill in the stop loss price and take profit price for a buy position. If the VIP signal is a sell position press Sell with SL/TP.

At 6 you can open the position. If it is a buy position press the green button, and if it is a sell position press the red button.

Now the example with a VIP signal (see next picture)

Here you can see a full example of opening a buy position when a VIP signal comes in. So it is important that you always choose a MARKET order and pay close attention to whether it
is a buy or sell position.

You can see that in this example I went for take profit target 3. I recommend you, if you're a beginner, to always choose take profit level 3, since it's the one that's achieved the most.

How can I use Cornix to trade automatically?

It is possible to trade fully automatically with my buy and sell positions. Automatic trading means that when I open a buy or sell position, a buy or sell position is also immediately opened on your ByBit account. This is made possible by an external company called Cornix. In order for this to take effect there will need to be a number of steps.

You can create an account via the following link:

Should you wish to do this the following information is important to know:
Automated trading is done through an external company called Cornix. Thus, we are completely outside the process and never have access to your account or funds. Cornix does not have this either. In fact, it works through APIs that you can link to my vip group and your ByBit account. Cornix is a company that facilitates that process. There is a cost to do this. The cost will be around $30 per month. Please note that we do not receive anything for this. As promised, our service will always be free. So you only pay money to Cornix who helps you make this process possible. Nor can we help you with substantive questions about Cornix. Cornix does have its own support department that you can contact for support. This is on Telegram.

Their support account is:

You can check out Cornix's website on how to do automated trading. They explain it step by step and so should you have any questions you can contact their own support.