August 24

Heikin Ashi Candles + EMA Indicator Trading Strategy (100%)

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Welcome to this strategy video where I'll show you how to use the powerful combination of Heikin Ashi and EMA indicators to achieve a 100% win rate.

By the end of this video, you'll have a clear understanding of how to use the Heikin Ashi and EMA indicator to identify high-probability trades and maximize your profits. You'll also learn how to manage your risk and avoid common trading mistakes that can lead to losses. So, if you're ready to take your trading to the next level, hit the start button of the video.

What are Heikin Ashi candles?

Heikin Ashi candles are a type of charting technique used in trading, particularly in technical analysis. They are designed to provide a clearer representation of price trends and patterns by smoothing out the fluctuations and noise present in traditional candlestick charts. "Heikin Ashi" translates to "average pace" in Japanese, reflecting its purpose of offering a smoother view of price movements.

In a Heikin Ashi candlestick chart:

  1. Open: The opening price of the current candle is the average of the previous candle's opening and closing prices.

  2. Close: The closing price of the current candle is the average of the current candle's open, high, low, and close prices.

  3. High: The high price of the current candle is the maximum value among the high, open, and close prices of the current candle.

  4. Low: The low price of the current candle is the minimum value among the low, open, and close prices of the current candle.

Using Heikin Ashi candles to make profits involves various strategies, just like any other trading technique. Here's a basic approach:

  1. Trend Identification: Heikin Ashi candles are particularly useful for identifying trends. When the candles are predominantly green (bullish), it indicates an uptrend, and when they are mostly red (bearish), it indicates a downtrend. Traders can use this information to align their trades with the prevailing trend.

  2. Smoothing Noise: The smoothed nature of Heikin Ashi candles helps filter out market noise, making it easier to identify significant price moves and trends amidst the volatility.

  3. Entry and Exit Points: Traders often look for specific candlestick patterns like doji, hammers, and engulfing patterns to determine potential entry and exit points. These patterns can provide insights into possible reversals or continuation of trends.

  4. Moving Averages: Traders may use Heikin Ashi candles in conjunction with moving averages to confirm trends. When the Heikin Ashi candles align with the direction of the moving average, it can provide additional confidence in trend analysis.

  5. Support and Resistance: Just like with traditional candlestick charts, Heikin Ashi charts can help identify key support and resistance levels that can guide trading decisions.

It's important to note that while Heikin Ashi candles offer advantages like trend clarity and noise reduction, no trading strategy is foolproof. Traders should combine Heikin Ashi analysis with other technical indicators, risk management techniques, and a solid understanding of the market they are trading in. Additionally, backtesting and practicing in a risk-free environment can help traders refine their strategies before applying them to real trading situations.

Heikin Ashi + EMA Trading Strategy

So the Heikin Ashi candles indicate a clear trend but do not indicate the exact price. That is why we use an additional indicator for this strategy. Namely the EMA indicator. The EMA indicator gives us a clear view of the direction in which the price is moving and we in turn can react accordingly. For the full strategy I recommend you watch the video. 


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