Do you want to trade like a professional?

Motivating and guiding people to achieve the maximum through trading. That is what we strive for and what we are good at. For us daytrade is an act to achieve financial freedom and to develop ourselves physically and mentally into a stable, confident and happy person. That is what we like to share with you.

Let us help you

We don't just help you get maximum gains. We also help you with coaching and teach you the finer points of fitness. Every day we are there for you.

We are Trippatrading. A signal and coaching service that offers people help with realizing an income from day trading. With different per person up to 7 years of trading experience we have a lot of knowledge in the company to provide you with your financial goals.

It all started in 2016 during the big global crypto bull run. Cryptotargets (based in the Netherlands) opened its doors led by founder Rick Blokland. Previously, Trippatrading was in fact called Cryptotargets. Cryptotargets guided Dutch customers on the crypto market. After tremendous growth, Cryptotargets evolved into a company that became a familiar face among Dutch and Belgian crypto investors.

At our peak we assisted more than 600 traders and investors. Soon several experienced traders joined Cryptotargets to meet the huge demand of service. Until 2022 we proudly provided the Dutch market with all the help it needed. Until we decided to go international to be able to assist even more people. Of course under a different name that better suits the service we provide and Trippatrading opened its doors in January 2022. 

Trippatrading stands for three things. Day trading, investing and coaching. Of course we offer more services such as trading calls. But daytrade, investing and coaching are our main goals within the company as we have always done under the name Cryptotargets. Our analysts themselves have made the mistakes in the past that every trader will suffer. Making huge losses and bad investments. It was only after a few years that we started trading profitably and ended up together in 2020.

With a team of 3 experienced traders, we guide our clients in a professional way so they don't have to make the mistakes we have been subjected to and take their profits to the maximum level. In 2022 Trippatrading has already grown rapidly. Within a short period of time, we already achieved over 10,000 subscriptions on YouTube and our website was viewed thousands of times.

 We owe this to the reputation we have built over the years and the trust of our already existing customers. To this day, we continue to give 100% commitment while providing our service. Innovation is very important to us. That is why we are still learning every day to be able to offer the best service.

 Transparency is also very important to us. That is why we always publish our results publicly, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. For questions or comments you can always contact us via our contact page. We are also happy to support non-existing customers.